We take the health of the planet as seriously as the health of our customers. We believe that mushrooms will not only save human race from within, but soon will be the force that helps us reduce CO2, save the bees and will eat away all the plastic waste that is piling up on our planet. 

What you do not see:

Starting with sustainable farming. Our farmers use an environmentally friendly production system. We would like to let you in on the sustainable mushroom cultivation process. Our mushrooms are cultivated on a farm using special wood chips for each mushroom, just the way it would grow in the natural environment, the ideal amount of light and sun needed and of course all the love.

We do not strip mother nature from its goods, and we encourage you to learn how to harvest fungi for yourself, before going to the forest and collecting some. Fungi are an important part of our ecosystem.

As in our product we use extracted mushrooms, and not the whole mushroom. The leftover mushroom from the extraction process is used as a fertilizer. This way no extra fertilizers are needed. The production is free of pesticides and the cycle of life is completed. 

What you see:

We ensure that our products are packed in biodegradable bags. This was important for us so you can recycle the bag or simply make a compost out of it. 

Because our bags are biodegradable make sure you keep them away from water, humidity and ideally store in a dry and dark place. This helps the product stay fresh and dry, and allows us to use an earth-friendly material. 

The shipping bag you receive the goodies in, is made out of 100% upcycled material, and it is 100% recyclable. We know, we like to receive a parcel and not contribute to more waste, and we hope you do too. You can also pick up the mushroom yourself from our pick-up point in Copenhagen and save all the transportation!

We are always looking for local farmers and ways we can do things better - contact us if you have an idea at