About us

We believe in access to shaping resilient and healthy nervous system.
Powerful and regulated immune system.
Mushrooms are here to teach us its wisdom of preventing and healing abilities.
We believe in self-care with daily routines.

While mushrooms with its adaptogenic powers, tweak your body and mind into finding balance, you can just sit back and sip them hot or cold.

Mushroom Alchemy is simply just mushrooms.
No add ons, highest quality, so you can choose how you want mushrooms to become part of your lifestyle.
We have space for everyone: coffee brewing CEO's, smoothie and movement fans, chocolate and plant lovers, soup chefs, tea sipping learners, teenage dreamers. Mushrooms blend with your drink as well as they do with your body and mind.

Mushroom Alchemy was founded in 2020 by Joanna Niemczycka and Marc Garby, two therapists, health nerds and fungi lovers in attempt to bring mushrooms to Denmark and Poland, and quickly spread through Sweden to the rest of the Europe.

We invite You to stick around for an upgrade of your health and mushroom knowledge, so you can be a mushroom ambasador in the Western Wold (because Eastern World already got it).

Mushrooms for our health and the health of Mother Nature.

P.S. Sometimes it feels like this company is run by fungi itself!