Our story

Hi Shroomie!

We are Mushroom Alchemists - Joanna and Marc - health nerds who created Mushroom Alchemy. 

Marc works as a Body Self Development System therapist. Through his work and studies, Marc gained deep knowledge of the mind and body.

Marc has a background as a professional cyclist, and is still very connected to the sport, helping elite athletes optimize their performance. 

Joanna is a naturopath and a yoga guide, who since early childhood experienced various health issues with an overactive immune system. In 2019 Joanna had a concussion that made her nervous system even more sensitive to stimulants. This is where she came across mushrooms.

Following that experience, she wanted to use mushrooms in her practice, but couldn't find the quality product she was looking for: an organic and pesticide free cultivation, made out of fruit bodies (above the ground part of the mushroom) and not mycellium (underground part of the mushroom), and for it to be of a good quality extract and not a whole mushroom powder with additives.

Why? Firstly because these are the mushroom qualities used in research. Secondly because she tried so many products on the market but not all of them gave her the same feeling.

At last we found a farm and a laboratory, that just like us, cared for the cultivation of the mushrooms and sustainability of the process. For more on sustainability go here.

After testing different combinations of mushrooms and taking into consideration both the mushroom synergy and the taste of the combined mushrooms, 8 Mushrooms Extract came to life.