Our story

The alchemy of mushrooms is designed to align your body, spirit, and mind.
Our mission is to upgrade your health and mushroom knowledge with 100% organic mushroom extracts (no additives, just mushrooms, really). 
Mushroom Alchemists was founded in 2020 by Joanna Niemczycka and Marc Garby, two health nerds and fungi lovers. 
Joanna is an integrative practitioner, yoga and movement guide, and neuropsychology student. In 2018, Joanna had a concussion that made her nervous system sensitive to stimulants and caused a cascade of symptoms.  When nothing but time seemed to helped, she came across functional mushrooms. "Years after working with herbs, and supplements, I have never synchronised with anything as much as I did with functional mushrooms from day one."
Marc works as a Body Self Development System therapist. Through his work and studies, Marc gained deep knowledge of the mind and body. Having been a professional cyclist himself, Marc is still heavily involved with the sport, helping elite athletes become better. 
Message from Joanna:
Sometimes it feels like this company is run by fungi itself!
It really feels that mushrooms have found us to help them spread.
As a child, I grew up surrounded by a forest, and my whole family has foraged mushrooms for generations. As my father and my grandma woke up at 5 a.m. during the season to forge, I would come along and help them forge what I hoped was edible. I never thought, years later that I would open a fungi company. However, now looking back, I see that the mushrooms had a plan :-) 
When I was formulating our first blend, the 8 Mushroom Extract, Marc became organically fascinated with fungi and thought "let's spread it with the world" :-).
That is how Mushroom Alchemy came to life.