By Marc Garby

mushroom polysaccharides: a potent immune-modulator

As part of our business, we are here to raise awareness about mushrooms and their impact on our health (human and planet).

We will try to keep it brief, so hang on 😉 Let’s start off with this new 2020 review, focusing on the mushroom polysaccharides: a potent immune-modulator (1).

Modern science is beginning to understand the mechanisms on how the mushrooms modulate the immune system. The healing effects has been known throughout human history – through experience and intuitive knowledge - but research is crucial in today’s world. As several antibiotics and antiviral drugs are often ineffective due to pathogen resistance, and various side effects, we need to explore new solutions. Here it gets interesting: Mushrooms can stimulate both the innate immune system and the adaptive immune system - with very few side effects!

With that knowledge a lot of possibilities opens; the creation of new medicine, using mushrooms as medicine (already done in some parts of the world), but perhaps also for prevention of various diseases. Prevention can be a difficult thing to study, but regarding mushrooms, some studies has been made and we will share them in future posts.

To release the compounds from mushrooms, that can stimulate your immune system, you need to have an extract of the mushroom, because our bodies cannot fully break down the cellulose, as humans are missing the enzymes for it.

1: 20695837112.89158930.pdf (